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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  July 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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occasions. and i'm very sorry that no longer -- i have great values i shared with him and i hope one day we will be able to get her again. >> use it for "the wall street journal" you fall to the news corporation had responded very well and do you stand by that statement or do you believe the level? >> i see it now it had been a crisis. [inaudible] i'm sorry. [laughter]
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i don't believe that either he made any great mistakes, but mistakes made within the organization, absolutely with what they tested, yes. >> to james murdock, it was reported the aspect to start when the news of the world closing was made that the understand why they had to close. for the comment what do you think the significance of that period of time was? are you expecting to be more that will come out in the news world? >> i don't. i can't speak to what you specifically are referring to. she made those comments herself
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and as when she was saying goodbye to the staff, but all i can say that what happened at the news of the world and the events leading up to 2007 and prosecution what we know about those things now more that and things that should not have a place in our organization. i think that we unreservedly and really sincerely am sorry for. we haven't seen the end of this in the ongoing police investigations that are there. as you know, mr. collins, there are a number of people who've been arrested. we don't know what's going to happen in the future around those things. even the breach of trust given the allegations that were emerging at a rapid pace.
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it was clear to me any way, and i think the future would bear this out, with only specific knowledge of the future i would say, that it was the right thing to sort of pay for these. >> you had acted as fast as he could come at the moment he could? does that suggest you hold back any point of view in the last few weeks? >> as i said to the committee earlier i can't remember which of my apologies, but mr. collins, they're has been a frustrating process and actually life for restoration or my real anger to learn that there was new evidence emerging as late as the end of 2010 was and is real, and what i've done and what the company is trying to do is take new information, adjust the course, be a force propriety and
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quickly, the haven i humble way with respect to what has happened and with trying to really put it right to me and that is what we are trying to do. it was enormously frustrating and does not mean i have any knowledge of anyone intentionally misleading the in the company. i don't, which makes it doubly frustrating that it is -- we are where we are. new information and lurched through the legitimate process of the trial and the company acted on it as fast as could possibly be expected and it's still new information were allegations emerging. that, you know, the company and we are trying to deal with iran as right as a way as we can and in the best way possible. >> the good news is i'm the last questioner and her specific questions i would like to ask you to read starting with you,
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mr. james murdoch i've read the differences in the settlement zipf hawken can you tell me whether or not this included the confidentiality clause and others did not?
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